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Havana Unveiled: A 4.5-Hour Bike Odyssey Through Secret Streets

Pedal Beyond the Tourist Trail: Ditch the crowds and delve into the heart of Havana on this immersive 4.5-hour bike tour. Explore hidden alleyways and vibrant neighborhoods, uncovering the city’s rich history and authentic charm alongside your expert guide.

Gear Up and Dive into Vedado: Begin your adventure at Wifredo Lam Park, where you’ll be outfitted for your journey. Pedal through the elegant streets of Vedado, marveling at the iconic John Lennon statue in Lennon Park and learning about Cuba’s revolutionary spirit. Cycle past majestic mansions and the awe-inspiring Revolution Square, where history buffs can soak in the significance of Fidel Castro’s famed speeches. Capture the essence of the revolution with photo stops at buildings adorned with portraits of revolutionary heroes.

Central Havana: A Slice of Daily Life: Transition into the bustling heart of Havana, Centro Habana. Immerse yourself in the local rhythm as you witness children playing in the streets, residents running errands, and lively conversations unfolding. Glide through the vibrant tapestry of Chinatown, a reminder of the city’s diverse cultural heritage.

Old Havana: A Timeless Treasure Trove: Arrive in Old Havana, a captivating labyrinth of colonial architecture and historical gems. Stand in awe of the majestic Capitol building, a symbol of Cuban grandeur. Mingle with locals in the lively Central Park, where spirited discussions about baseball often take center stage. Delve deeper into the country’s revolutionary past at the Museum of the Revolution (entrance included) and explore its fascinating collection of artifacts.

Havana’s Tapestry: Malecón, Art, and Academia: As you loop back to the starting point, enjoy scenic stretches along the iconic Malecón promenade, a vibrant space often buzzing with local life. Stop and admire a captivating community art project, a testament to Havana’s artistic spirit. Glide past the historic University of Havana, a prestigious institution steeped in knowledge. Refuel with a light lunch included in your tour, providing the perfect opportunity to reflect on your discoveries.

City Sightseeing Bike Tour

$80 / person

  • Havana
  • 4.5 hours
  • Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Chinese
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