Размещение в Гаване Куба

Чтобы обеспечить незабываемый отдых, необходимо гарантировать комфорт гостей, поэтому наши владельцы стремятся предоставлять услуги высшего качества, значительно превосходящие те, что предоставляют гостиничные сети. Что касается других вариантов размещения на Кубе, то мы располагаем роскошными виллами по всей стране, в таких важных анклавах, как: Виньялес, Сьенфуэгос, Тринидад, Варадеро и других провинциях. Наша главная цель - предоставить лучшее размещение в Гаване на Кубе.

Villa Aurora

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Вилла Ян

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виллы де лухо на кубе

Вилла "Рай

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Роскошный Рио-Мар

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Вилла Белла

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Особняк El Duque

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Вилла Коста

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Пентхаус Атлантик Сити Гавана Куба

Пентхаус Атлантик-Сити

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Мы обеспечиваем безопасную и спокойную обстановку для вашего максимального спокойствия.


Отвечает за координацию и обеспечение высочайшего уровня комфорта, удовлетворенности и конфиденциальности для гостей.


Мы создали самую большую сеть контактов на острове, чтобы оперативно и качественно выполнять все ваши пожелания и требования.

Уборка помещений

Служба сервиса заботится о качественной уборке и обслуживании виллы, обеспечивая безупречное качество проживания.

Церемония приветствия

Наша цель - сделать так, чтобы гости чувствовали себя как дома, поэтому их ждет теплый прием.

Эксклюзивные продукты

Дома оснащены тщательно отобранными эксклюзивными кубинскими продуктами.


Luxury Villas with Pool in Havana Cuba

At LujoCuba, we meticulously curate your experience with our exquisite selection of luxury villas with pool in Havana, Cuba. Our commitment is to handpick from our exclusive properties the one that perfectly aligns with your preferences. Our primary aim is to deliver unparalleled service for your stay in Havana, ensuring the best value for your investment.

Discover Cuba’s Opulence: Luxury Villas

When it comes to accommodation in Havana, the capital city boasts the largest inventory of properties in the region. With nearly half of the island’s population residing in Havana, the city is a tapestry of extravagance and contradictions. Its historical center, remarkable architecture, and revolutionary Cuban artwork contribute to a rich cultural experience, from El Malecón to Plaza de la Revolución, including the iconic La Giraldilla.

Casas Particulares in Havana Cuba: A Unique Stay

Immerse yourself in our remarkable accommodation in Cuba, exploring the vibrant streets of Havana and uncovering every hidden gem the city has to offer. Visit the renowned Cuban Art Factory for cultural activities, witness the sunset at Malecón with a mojito at the historic Hotel Nacional from the 1930s, and explore the old town squares, including Plaza de Armas, where you can purchase books on the revolution and its key figures like Fidel Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos, or Che Guevara. Relax in our comfortable accommodation in Havana, ensuring you’re ready to savor a mojito at the “Bodeguita de en medio” or a daiquiri at the “Floridita” while reliving the tales of Ernest Hemingway in Havana.

Embark on an authentic experience by touring the city in a classic American car from the mid-50s, a rickshaw, or a cocotaxi, all iconic symbols of Havana. Many of our visitors seek accommodation in Havana to partake in dance classes. Our Cuban instructors are globally renowned for their expertise in various dance styles, including salsa, casino, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, and more.

In our accommodation in Havana Cuba, we specialize in catering to connoisseurs of fine tobacco. Indulge in the experience of smoking a Habano, Montecristo, Churchill of Romeo and Juliet, or Lancer of Cohiba on the terrace of the Hotel Inglaterra—an indescribable journey that will transport you to the ambiance of the 1930s.

Exceptional Accommodation in Havana Cuba

Explore the contemporary scenario of accommodation in Havana Cuba today. As the primary tourist hub of the country (aside from the resorts in Varadero and the Keys), Havana features a thriving hotel network in constant development.

Havana attracts global tourists with its historical-cultural and intellectual heritage. Key attractions include the historical center of Old Havana, the beaches of Habana del Este, recreational areas like the National Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Park Lenin, and a plethora of permanent exhibitions at EXPOCUBA.

The city also offers an array of attractions such as museums, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, dance halls, and cabarets. If you seek luxury villa rentals in Havana Cuba, we can assist you in finding a colonial house.

Old Havana, the Historical Center, showcases beautiful baroque, art nouveau, and art deco buildings, including Havana’s Cathedral, the Palace of the General Captains, several castles and fortresses (La Punta, El Principe, Atarés, and the Real Fuerza), the Capitol, Payret cinema, and Gran Teatro de La Habana. Mysterious and historically rich places include the mythical Plaza de Armas, El Templete, and the Alameda de Isabel II, today Paseo de Martí. The historic center, with its fortifications, was designated a National Monument on June 6, 1978, and subsequently recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.