Hotel Maria La Gorda

Pinar del Rio is the western province of the Cuban archipelago. There, we can find the Guanacahabibes peninsula, one of the six biosphere reserves existing in Cuba nowadays. Guanacahabibes is heritage of humankind due to its natural richness and the exuberant vegetation, flora and fauna together with the beauty of the bottom of the sea. It has 100 lakes and the most pure and large silica sand deposits with a 99.8% rate. Four of the seven species of turtles of the world survive there.

The bottom of the sea is one of the natural richness of this place. Specialists consider that Maria La Gorda sea bottoms are within the 10 best diving places of the whole American continent because this platform is formed by ecosystems of coral reef.

Maria La Gorda Hotel offers 55 rooms arranged in two-story bungalows and chalets with all comfort to relax after a full day in close contact with nature.

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Península de Guanahacabibes, Sandino, Pinar del Rio.
Distance from the airport:
230 Kms
2:30 PM
12: 00 PM
Hotel facilities
  • * TV Room
  • * Restaurant
  • * Parking
  • * Medical Service
  • * Bar
  • * Garden
Room facilities
  • * TV Satellite
  • * Refrigerator
  • * Private Bathroom
  • * Phone
  • * Air Conditioning
  • * 110 V/60 Hz
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  • * 3 Stars