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Hotel Cubanacán La Ermita     3 stars

Swimming Pool

La Ermita Cubanacan Hotel a three stars hotel located in the famous Viñales Valley in the western province of Pinar del Rio. In La Ermita Cubanacan Hotel visitors can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of this valley where the hotel is located and the natural environment where visitors can make trips where they can be in close contact with the nature of this valley like the Mural of Prehistory, the Viñales National Park, the Sierra del Infierno, Cueva del Indio and others that will provide an unforgettable stay.


Prices Form:     € 36 (per room/night)

Hotel Horizontes Los Jazmines     3 stars

Swimming Pool

Los Jazmines Hotel in the western province of Pinar del Rio provides one of the most beautiful views of the famous Viñales valley. The facility with its surrounding exuberant vegetation is an architectonical piece of exquisite taste with all conditions for the enjoyment in an unforgettable stay. Several roads cross the fields of the surrounding areas significant for the rich flora and fauna that made it an attraction for lovers of ecotourism with programs that allow them to appreciate flora and fauna of this place.

Prices Form:     € 40 (per room/night)

Hotel Horizontes Rancho San Vicente     2 stars

The Indio Cave

The Cubanacan Hotel Rancho San Vicente, a two stars hotel located 38km from the city if Pinar del Rio in the well-known Valle de Viñales. The hotel was built on the banks of the river to which it owes its name whose waters own miner medicinal properties.

Prices Form:     € 40 (per room/night)