Casa Fermina Trinidad

Like art and history? Go to the casa of Fermina in Trindad. The house will enchant you and the romantic patio will never be forgotten. A colonial house (built in 1740!) filled with paintings offers a great bedroom with private bathroom and fans. Visit the site and see the place. You won't doubt for long.

Colonial Amparo

Description This house was built in 1910; roofs, floors, doors and windows originals. Rooms are located at the upper level and are provided with vents, shared bathroom (hot water) and colonial styles furniture. The house also has a living room with tables and chairs and a terrace where you can take sunbathes or order breakfast or meals as you wish. From the balcony there is a wonderful view of the town, the sea and mountains.

Casa Mercedes, Trinidad

A beautiful colonial house (see the pictures) that offers you a welcoming place to stay in Trinidad.

Casa Marisela, Trinidad

The casa particular of Marisela is a very beautiful colonial residence, with a huge private patio/garden where breakfast and dinner are served. The rooms are spacious and clean, with private bathroom. The owner Marisela is very nice and generous and runsthe business with her son Yasser and his wife. If you have a car, you can park it inside their house,which is very convenient especially for a town like Trinidad. The location is great, just a few minutes on foot to the Plaza Major.

Casa Cabana's, Trinidad, Cuba

Casa Cabana's offers a great room wit air conditioning near center of the old town and close to the busstation. Have a look at the beautiful terrace and imagine you sipping you mojito there.